Key to the success of CCL C.O.R.E is the role our clients play in shaping its functionality and enhancing the way the platform works for them. CCL and our clients are both end users of CCL C.O.R.E, and our combined input brings a powerful enhancement factor that differentiates us in the world of regulatory technology. We work with you in implementing the solution ensuring that it is done seamlessly and with minimum inconvenience to the day-to-day operations and while the platform is intuitive, our consultants will guide and support you so that you reap the benefits from the outset.

What type of firms use CCL C.O.R.E?

Subscribers to CCL C.O.R.E represent a cross section of financial services companies, law firms and consultancies. One thing they all have in common is the need to resolve functional problems arising from regulation, risk management or governance controls. Some of the challenges CCL C.O.R.E has helped resolve are:

  • Growing burden of tracking and delivering global company filings.
  • Inefficient and inconsistent handling of firm-wide employee attestations;
  • Fragmentation of compliance framework through multiple legacy systems;

Take a closer look at how CCL C.O.R.E has helped our clients

By implementing CCL C.O.R.E in these firms we are able to alleviate these challenges. Take a closer look at some of these examples:

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"We originally licensed CCL C.O.R.E for its attestation tool. Two years later, we are using its full functionality, and haven’t looked back. A great solution."
General Counsel, Corporate Finance House

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