The breadth and depth of compliance activity has increased significantly over the years, with greater expectations from regulators, increased complexity of rules, and added liability for senior managers. As a result, Compliance functions must have in place systems of control that ensure compliance with the rules and protection for firms and senior management.

CCL CORE was developed by compliance professionals for compliance professionals, making it a compliance platform that provides a host of tools to help firms and their compliance functions deliver their roles and responsibilities effectively and embed controls across the organisation.

CCL CORE is fully equipped with the following tools to help your firm operate an efficient and effective Compliance function:

  • Policy and Procedure Library
    CCL CORE comes with a documentation library that allows you to centralise draft and final version documents, but only allow employees to see the published article. The platform enables you to tag and categorise documents, making them easy to search by type and jurisdiction; assign document owners; allocate specific distribution lists so that employees only see what they need to see and assign document review periods. Each document has a complete audit trail, making version control simple, allowing you to revert to previous versions at a click of a button.

  • Compliance Monitoring and Testing Tool
    Manage your end to end compliance monitoring with CCL CORE. Our platform will schedule multiple monitoring programmes and tests on a risk-adjusted basis, allowing the Compliance function to complete tests, record evidence, document findings and recommendations and assign remediation tasks in one simple but effective tool.

  • Regulatory Filings Calendar and Reporting
    Our regulatory filing tool allows you to schedule deadlines and assigns ownership, meaning there is less risk of missing filings or regulatory reports. Evidence of submission can be uploaded to the platform, giving senior management full visibility that statutory reporting has been done on time and in the correct manner.

  • Approved persons/SM&CR Register
    CCL CORE comes equipped with an approved person / SMCR register that allows the firm to track approved persons, senior management functions (“SMFs”) and certified individuals (“CIs”). Our platform will help you allocate line managers to CIs, allocate and control roles and responsibilities, schedule periodic attestations, and ensure that your firm is in control of its SM&CR responsibilities.

  • Financial Promotion Review and Approval
    Control the preparation and distribution of marketing material and financial promotions in a slick workflow solution. Employees can start an approval process from their own compliance page, making the review and approval process visible, with full audit trail. Only finalised and approved material can be distributed using the CCL CORE approval process.

  • Complaints, Breaches and Incident Management
    CCL CORE places control of complaints, breaches and incidents in the hands of all employees. Identification and logging of these matters can be done simply, allowing escalation to the correct parties for management and resolution.

  • Conflicts Management
    Control your potential conflicts using CCL CORE’s conflict management tools. Whether it is personal account transactions, restricted lists, gifts and entertainment or outside business interests, CCL CORE has the ability to manage the workflow, approval and record keeping associated with conflicts of interest.

  • Attestation Management
    CCL CORE allows firms to create a schedule of periodic attestations to ensure all employees and senior managers understand their responsibilities and attest to such. Whilst attestations of any sort can be created and distributed by the platform, we typically see policy attestations, conflicts attestations, fit and proper attestations, and senior management attestations.

  • Reporting
    Reduce the time taken to collate, analyse and report on compliance activity by utilising CCL CORE’s compliance reporting functionality. CCL CORE retains a large volume of compliance data, which is easily accessed and extracted into bespoke reports. CCL will help you define your reporting requirements and establish the data points you wish to report on, making periodic reporting as easy as clicking a button.

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