The Background

Our client, a small investment manager, to whom we provided our platform CCL CORE, as well as our consultancy services, approached us to help respond to an operational due diligence questionnaire sent by a large European pension fund.

The Problem

Our client managed a fund that held the capital of several institutional investors, one of which was a large pension fund from Europe. Our client was required to respond to operational due diligence questionnaires from their investors at the initial investment stage and on a cyclical basis thereafter. Over the years, investors have sought assurance on an increasingly larger quantity and higher quality information. A large section of the due diligence was focused on our client’s governance, risk and compliance management, including an understanding of the systems and controls in place within the business. In particular, we worked with our client to help complete the section on risk and compliance technology.

The Solution

The pension fund’s team received the completed questionnaire and was highly impressed by the standard and quality of work produced by CCL. They already knew of CCL’s strong reputation, as a number of their investment managers had used us for RegTech and consulting, so this time the due diligence team requested a meeting with CCL to see for themselves a demonstration of our platform.  They highly commended our solutions and services and felt satisfied in the confidence that their allocated investment managers were working closely with CCL.

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