With the pace at which RegTech is becoming a vital part of compliance control, Compliance Consultancy firms face a tough challenge. Development of a comprehensive RegTech platform would take years, if you were to start development now, by the time you were finished your clients may have moved on to another firm who already had a solution. To develop your own RegTech solution would require significant resource and capital investment, not to mention the ongoing cost of maintaining a software development team.

Get your own RegTech solution now

Our Compliance platform, CORE, will give you a white labelled, ready to go offering, bringing you up to speed with the market immediately, and deliver your ambitions of deploying a RegTech solution sooner than you thought.

CORE is a cloud-based compliance solution originally developed to enable governance, risk and compliance consultancies to deliver their services efficiently and effectively to their clients. The platform is proven to help Consultants and their clients to interact and engage remotely, leading to stronger and more durable relationships. From our experience, CORE makes the relationship more efficient for both parties, which brings about time and cost savings for consultant and client.

CORE differs from other compliance software on the market in that we provide you with a single solution that allows your clients to manage their compliance requirements in one place. Our solution is comprehensive, taking care of most compliance matters facing regulated businesses.

Benefits of using CORE in your compliance consultancy

  • Deploy a tried and tested compliance solution without the expertise, time and cost involved in development
  • Improved efficiency in delivering compliance services
  • Foster more meaningful and long-lasting client relationships
  • Add real value to your on-going client relationships
  • Obtain competitive advantage over peer firms
  • Trackable client delivery and interaction
  • Simple and effective reporting, saving time and effort


Request a no obligation demo and learn how we can increase your efficiency, reduce your regulatory risk and give you complete control over your compliance obligations.