Get complete control over your compliance obligations

CCL CORE is our comprehensive online compliance platform developed by our compliance experts. It is designed to be a configurable central repository and workflow solution for all compliance matters within your Firm, saving compliance time and cost whilst strengthening control. With three levels of solution available, find out how much time you can save with CCL CORE

Making compliance accessible to all employees, to help reduce regulatory risk and embed a 'compliance culture'.
Providing dynamic prompters and comprehensive record keeping within an effective compliance framework.
Bringing a simple workflow tool to control PA dealing, financial promotions, monitoring, complaints, breaches and incidents.
Automating routine compliance work, thus allowing you to allocate skilled staff and consultants to use their expertise on value added tasks.
Assisting rapidly growing firms and those that operate across multiple jurisdictions to integrate all of their compliance processes and actions onto one platform.
Those responsible for compliance (including the Senior Management Team) can demonstrate how they discharge their compliance oversight through a platform that provides clarity and control.
Find out how much time you can save with CCL CORE

CCL CORE simplifies compliance controls and lightens the load of compliance administration saving you valuable time allowing you to make your resources go further.

Request a no obligation demo and learn how we can increase your efficiency, reduce your regulatory risk and give you complete control over your compliance obligations.