Financial reporting rules are complex - and not necessarily intuitive. The rules apply across the board, from the largest global institutions to the sole trader. For smaller firms in particular, it can be difficult to keep up with the nuances of regulatory reporting.

The risk of failing to complete, or inadequately completing, prudential returns can not only lead to routine fines but also alert the regulator to internal failures at the Firm.

It is the case that some Firms are not sufficiently knowledgeable of the financial rules, therefore taking actions that inadvertently jeopardise their financial resources.

Relieving the burden of prudential rules & regulatory returns

With expertise across many sectors, CCL can help firms utilise their capital efficiently and avoid the trap of inadvertently breaching capital adequacy requirements.

We can manage the entire regulatory reporting process for you, freeing up your resources and ensuring your reports meet the regulator's requirements. Our services include:

Your Prudential Rules & Regulatory Returns Specialists

CCL can handle all your prudential reporting and utilises the specialist software needed to file COREP and FINREP reports. The added advantage of using CCL to manage this reporting is that these reports are provided by highly skilled, and experienced practitioners and they can alert you to any errors in the information provided but more importantly advise you before filing if it looks like you are heading towards a financial breach.

Firms contemplating significant changes to their business such as acquisition or changing their scope of permissions need to address the financial implications at the earliest possible stage. CCL can advise you on how best to achieve your objectives with the minimum strain on regulatory capital.