Regulatory failure is the direct consequence of poor corporate governance

The success or failure of a business is determined by how well the firm is governed. Corporate governance is the term given to the system by which a firm is directed and controlled and ensures that the objectives of the stakeholders are achieved.

Corporate governance covers every aspect of your organisation from top to bottom starting with the ethical and cultural values through to creating and implementing an effective structure that ensures that all stakeholders interests are addressed in a responsible and compliant manner.

What does corporate governance mean for you?

Corporate governance starts at the top. The main elements set out in the UK Corporate Governance Code are:

  • Leadership
  • Effectiveness
  • Accountability
  • Remuneration
  • Relations with shareholders

Fulfilling these criteria requires careful consideration of the composition your Board and qualities of your senior managers coupled with the effective delegation of responsibilities, proportionate to the size and business profile of your Firm.

How can CCL help you?

CCL can help you meet your corporate governance obligations in several ways:

  • Undertake Board effectiveness and governance reviews
  • Establish a corporate governance structure appropriate to your business
  • Identify relevant responsibilities
  • Advice on effective delegation
  • Set out clear reporting lines  
  • Advise on the management information required
  • Advise on the responsibilities and composition of committees
  • Create policies and procedures appropriate to your Firm
  • Train all personnel in the demands of good corporate governance

What should you do now?

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