Stuart specialises in advising firms from across the industry on the challenging process of getting authorised to conduct investment business in the UK as well as advising authorised firms on changes to their existing permissions. He has 17 years of experience in this field having worked on over 300 successful authorisations. Stuart is also able to advise authorised firms on a variety of other topics including what sort of compliance architecture they should have in place and whether they have appropriate governance arrangements. Stuart also assists firms by overseeing their compliance arrangements, conducting Compliance Audits and performing internal compliance monitoring.

At any one time, Stuart is working on a number of routine authorisations or variations of permissions (VOPs) for asset management, broking, venture capital and corporate finance firms working with UK and overseas business partners. Stuart has particular experience in handling complex applications involving novel business products or business styles and similar ground breaking businesses.

Stuart obtained a Masters degree in corporate and commercial law from Queen Mary College, London in 1992 and qualified as a solicitor in 1996. He joined CCL in 1998 and is now the Managing Director of the Consultancy business.

Recent work includes:

  • The first authorisation for a crowdfunding firm
  • The authorisation of an innovative platform for the wholesale market for the purchase and sale of illiquid investments
  • Advising on the authorisation and ongoing compliance requirements of a market-leading renewable energy investment firm
  • Advising on the authorisation for two FCA specified benchmarks
  • Advising a considerable number of firms to obtain authorisation under the AIFMD
  • Advising two of the market leaders in the social finance market on their regulatory requirements
  • Acting as interim compliance officer for an international asset manager
  • Advising firms on both the buy and sell side on the impact of MiFID II
  • Advising a firm on becoming an umbrella and an Appointed Representative network
Call: +44 203 751 9460