Dennis joined CCL in 2017 to provide compliance consultancy services in our London office. His role includes supporting CCL’s clients with regulatory consultation and management of the CCL C.O.R.E Platform. In addition, Dennis is responsible for his own portfolio of clients, to whom he provides periodic compliance assurance work, delivered through our bespoke compliance monitoring programmes. Dennis currently works with corporate finance, brokerage, wealth management and asset management firms.
Dennis undertakes a great deal of research for CCL and ultimately our clients, by analysing the regulatory environment in the UK and Europe, keeping abreast of impending regulatory change and actions taken by regulators. His analysis is used to inform our client advice, develop our documentation, enhance our CCL C.O.R.E Compliance Platform and inform our monthly Regulatory Updates. In support of the management of our CCL C.O.R.E Compliance Platform, Dennis provides demos of the platform as well as training and support on the system’s functionality. Dennis also provides our clients with a truly bespoke set-up service, so the deployment of CCL C.O.R.E is quick, easy and delivered to client specifications. Through the Platform, Dennis also undertakes compliance monitoring to test a firm’s systems and controls, identify its weaknesses and provide recommendations for remediation.

In addition to Dennis’ Bachelor of Laws degree, he holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice and is currently studying for the associated course MA Law with Business at BPP University.

Call: +44 203 751 9471